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"There was a time when a disease was diagnosed from the pulse. Now, as the diagnostic process is modernized it has become imperative to test blood, bone and marrow. Still whatever part of the body is examined the disease is not located. All the undiagnosed diseases would be covered up by jargon, too difficult to understand. We are enslaved by some jargon or the other like this. This error must get rectified."

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Director & Chief Consultant

Mr.P.P. RANGASAMY Chettiar was the Founder & Chief Consultant of “SARAVANAA CANCER SIDDHA HOSPITAL” in the year 1954. Many times his knowledge and ancient wisdom has helped patients for scan by modern medicine.

Dr.P.P.R. KANDASAMY,RIMP. followed the traditional art forms of his ancestors. He is considered to be the mother of all arts and has its own medical system especially related to CANCER medicine. He specializes in Siddha Treatments. He started learning Siddhavaidyam, kayakalpa treatments Ayurveda, Prana Yoga, Thantra and kalarippayattu since his childhood and has ever since been practicing these arts for the benefit of the society.

Doctor Son :


Coming from an ancient lineage of traditional physicians and martial artists, Dr.P.R.K..RANGASAMY RMP(AM),CMPP(TNAU)Regd.No: 12786 is well versed in Siddhavaidyam, Marma treatments Practices Vastu Sasthra and Astrology .

Dr.P.R.K. RANGASAMY AND belongs to an ancient traditional Siddha physician family dating around 85 years back in Tamilnadu, India. He started learning Siddha Science since childhood under the guidance of his grandfather. Since his tender ages, Dr.P.R.K..RANGASAMY found himself spending a good amount of his time with his ancestors, making medicines and treating patients. Now Dr.P.R.K..RANGASAMY is one of the youngest Siddha Vaidyam practitioners in Tamilnadu.

Dr.P.R.K. RANGASAMY has devoted a good fortune of his time to marma treatments and Shuddhi techniques as well as provides consultation to patients in his clinic in Ellampillai, Salem.Tamilnadu. He specializes in Kayakalpa Treatments.

Dr.P.R.K. RANGASAMY hails from a traditional Siddha family dating back to pre-british era in India. His family migrated to Ellampillai from Salem Kingdom of Tamil Nadu.